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Since 2020, DGY Enterprises have helped empower individuals and companies, to reach new heights within their own business journey. 

Focused on providing equal opportunities to those frequently overlooked, in an effort to drive change. 
Realizing the issue is not the lack of talent, but instead the lack of access and accommodations for those different from traditional & stereotypical avenues. 

 To date, DGY has made connections in communities worldwide, with each interaction cultivating its own unique relationship, treated with specificity to establish bilateral assistance resulting in achievement and bringing forth a new component to the organization at large.

Through cultivating relationships, clarifying, and establishing your distinct action plan. Working together on the venture towards effective advancement and achievement from your community to the world.

DGY's approach ensures that you receive unwavering, individual support every step of the way.

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Rutgers University School of Public Administration and Public Affairs

Capstone Presentation on the Privatization of Prisons in America: Rehabilitation vs. Finacial Gains. Reviews the 13th amendment and the "abolishment" of slavery, Jim Crow laws, President Bill Clinton's Three-strike policy in correlation to ALEC, Recidivism Rates and Community Confinement .

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Devin's Story

Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Devin's journey as a lifelong student-athlete has revealed an abundance of opportunities. From being ranked among the top 100 players in New Jersey to gracing the presence of ESPN’s “Top 5 plays” countdown, and graduating from law school all within the same week. Devin believes life is about achievement in every field of human endeavor.

In 2014, Devin earned a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ. He then went on to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Administration and Public Affairs at Rutgers University. While attending graduate school, Devin interned with Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman’s Office and worked in the New Jersey Office of Legislative Services under Governor Phil Murphy.

In 2018, after receiving his Master’s degree, he decided to continue his education by attending law school at Florida A&M University College of Law. Continuing to show his leadership, Devin was elected President of “If When How Reproductive Justice Organization” for the 2020-2021 academic year, as well as serving continuous terms as a representative for the Women's Law Caucus, American Civil Liberties Union, and Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity.

Devin spent his free time playing international football and giving back to the community through coaching varsity football at Ocoee High School. Devin looks to bring a fresh approach to politics by offering extraordinary leadership, perseverance, and a true understanding of community needs.

Devin has a wide range of experience as a former Assistant State Attorney in Miami-Dade and in the private sector as a Director of Operations.
Devin hopes to have a longstanding career in Public Service and Government Affairs and hopes to continue his path in public service by running for elected office in the future.


Timothy Williams

THE GAME Revised

The Game is a fictional book that contains all of the elements of the urban community {ghetto} envy, jealousy, seduction, lust, and love. Hustling, hatred, violence, betrayal, drugs, murder, and the cheapness of life itself, etc.

The Game is also centered around the life of the main character. Goldie, who is abreast of urban astuteness learned in the badlands of New Brunswick, N.J.. who has also realized that the game that he has been playing the majority of his life, isn’t what life is about.



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